The worktop is the final piece that brings the whole kitchen together. Every worktop brings its own unique aspect to your kitchen. You may already have a material or style in mind and we are here to show you that you are no longer stuck with the traditional laminate worktops or granite. With Products such as Quartz and Ultra-compact materials, you can now compliment your kitchen with a well-priced material that is high in scratch and stain resistance, without losing out of stunning man made or natural designs. `

Silestone – Quartz

Comprised of some of the hardest materials found in the earth and mixed with other materials such as glass and metal flecks. Quartz is created by adding resin to the mixture and compressing these materials down. This process creates a product that is much stronger then granite, boasting high levels of scratch and stain resistance.

Silestone provides you with nearly endless range; from natural colours such as whites, blacks to more unusual styles such metal and recycled materials. The design of a quartz worktop not only brings character to your kitchen but also offers performance advantages that exceed other traditional materials.

Dekton – Ultra-Compact materials

Dekton is the strongest material available for worktops. The ultra compact surface that consists of a sophisticated blend of the raw materials such as Glass, Porcelain and Quartz, is used to produce a surface that is extremely high in resistance to scratching, staining and heat.

Dekton provides a wide variety of designs; From High gloss single colours, rustic metals looks, replica wood finishes and even High end marble look finishes. A major advantage of Dekton, is its ability to bookmark its slabs. This means if there is graining running through the slab, the next adjoining slab will have a graining that perfectly matches the previous slab. Making it a perfect material for not just worktops but floors and wall cladding too.

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